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 1. WHAT ARE YOUR HOURS? Our hours vary depending on the season.                                                
 2. WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? Shoal Creek Canoe Run is conveniently located next to the bridge that crosses Shoal Creek on Highway 227 in Iron City, Tennessee. We are approximately 5 miles west of Highway 43 and 5 miles east of Highway 13. Shoal Creek Canoe Run is only 30 minutes south of Lawrenceburg, TN and 30 minutes north of Florence, AL. We are approximately 90 miles south of Nashville, Tennessee.                                                                                                                                 
 3. WHAT ARE THE LENGTHS OF YOUR CANOE TRIPS? We have an 8 mile trip (Factory Creek to Iron City) that lasts 3-4 hours, 2 - 10 mile trips (Busby to Iron City and Iron City to Goose Shoals) that last 5-6 hours, an 18 mile trip (Factory Creek to Goose Shoals) that lasts 8-10 hours......and a 20 mile trip (Busby to Goose Shoals) that lasts 10-12 hours. ALL times are APPROXIMATE allowing you some time to stop and swim, picnic, etc. You must be out of the water before dark. We offer 2, 3 & 4 day trips as well that can be customized to suit your needs. We will not put you in the water past 2 PM on the 8 mile trip; however, we do offer a 4 mile trip for $35 per canoe/$25 per kayak from 2-4 PM.
 4. WHAT ARE THE COSTS OF YOUR CANOE TRIPS? The 8 mile trip (Factory to Iron City) is $40 per canoe/$30 per kayak. The 10 mile trips (Busby to Iron City or Iron City to Goose Shoals) are $45 per canoe/$35 per kayak. The 18 mile trip (Factory to Goose Shoals) is $65 per canoe/$45 per kayak. The 20 mile trip (Busby to Goose Shoals) is $70 per canoe/$50 per kayak. The 2-day trip is $75 per canoe/$55 per kayak. The 3-day trip is $105 per canoe/$85 per kayak. The 4-day trip is $140 per canoe/$120 per kayak.
 5. DO I HAVE TO MAKE A RESERVATION? A reservation is mandatory at least 24 hours in advance on weekdays during canoe season. We do not require a reservation on weekends, however; we do encourage you to call ahead-ESPECIALLY WITH LARGE GROUPS-as we get booked up very quickly! We require at least 1/2 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit for a group of 10 or more boats. YOU MAY PAY VIA CREDIT CARD, MONEY ORDER OR CASH. NO CHECKS WILL BE TAKEN UNLESS BROUGHT IN OUR STORE IN PERSON AND SCANNED, UNLESS THE CHECK IS FROM A COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION. REFUNDS OR RAIN CHECKS MAY BE ISSUED DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER, BUT ONLY BEFORE GETTING ON THE WATER!
 6. WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY? We understand that sometimes things happen and you must cancel or reduce the number of canoes in your group. We ask that you call ahead as soon as possible or at least a day ahead of time to let us know. In case of thunderstorms, we will try to contact you to cancel or reschedule. IF WE DO NOT HEAR FROM YOU ABOUT A CANCELLATION AND YOU ARE LATE, WE WILL HOLD YOUR CANOE(S) AND/OR KAYAK(S) FOR 30  MINUTES AFTER YOUR SCHEDULED TIME, THEN THEY WILL BE RELEASED TO SOMEONE ELSE. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
 7. DO I HAVE TO SIGN A WAIVER? YES! We require all of our canoeists to sign a waiver before their trip. This is for our protection as there is a definite risk involved in canoeing. You must be 18 or older to canoe with us by yourself and to sign the waiver. If you are younger than 18, you must have an adult with you to canoe and to sign for you.
 8. CAN I BRING MY OWN CANOE/KAYAK AND YOU HAUL IT FOR ME? Yes, we can haul (or shuttle, as some call it) your canoe or kayak for a $20 fee for one boat going solo, $15 fee for one boat going with others (2-4 boats - $15 each, 5 or more - $10 each)
 9. I AM RENTING ONE CANOE/KAYAK AND I WANT TO TAKE THE 10 MILE (OR LONGER) TRIP. IS THAT POSSIBLE? Yes, at this time you can take the  longer trips with one boat.
 10. CAN MORE THAN TWO PEOPLE FIT IN A CANOE? We prefer no more than TWO ADULTS per canoe. There are two built-in seats in a canoe. If there is excessive weight in a canoe, it will cause wear and tear to the bottom and canoes are expensive to repair. However, we will permit (at our discretion) a third person in the middle of the canoe sitting on the bottom or on coolers. If the third person is 13 or older, we will charge an extra $5. Children 12 and under ride free. We offer and recommend kayaks to seat one person.
 11. DO YOU PROVIDE A GUIDE FOR CANOE TRIPS? No. After we put you in the water, you are on your own.
 12. WHAT TYPE OF CANOES/KAYAKS DO YOU USE? We mostly use Old Town canoes and kayaks out of Maine. The Old Town canoes are the Discovery 158 and 169, meaning one is 15 feet 8 inches long and the other is 16 feet 9 inches long, respectively and they seat two people. Our Old Town canoes and kayaks are constructed of durable polyethylene and are made of the utmost quality. Check out www.oldtowncanoe.com or call (800) 343-1555 for more information. We now have Mad River canoes, as well. We also carry Jackson Kayaks made in Sparta, Tennessee and Perception Kayaks. We now offer paddle boards, which are hybrid so you can sit as well as stand.
 13. I AM AFRAID OF KAYAKS. ARE THEY SAFE? Yes. The kayaks we have are made for our type of water. You are not fastened to the kayak in any way, so if you tip over, you will just fall out as you would in a canoe. They are no more dangerous than a canoe and are lighter and easier to maneuver. You will be provided a paddle that has blades on both ends (canoe paddles just have one blade). We have two types: ones that you sit on top of and ones you sit down inside with seat backs that fold down to store your gear behind you.
 14. DO YOU SELL USED OR NEW CANOES OR KAYAKS? We do not currently have any used canoes or kayaks for sale. Also, we only sell them after they are damaged to the point that we can no longer use them ourselves.
 15. WHERE DO THE TRIPS END? The trips that end in Iron City will end immediately BEFORE Shoal Creek Bridge on the right, by the stop sign. If you go under the bridge, you've gone too far. Just pull the boats up well out of the water, put life vests and paddles inside and leave them there. You can then walk back up to our business and let us know that you're back. We will take care of loading the boats back up. On the trips that end at Goose Shoals, you will get out to the left JUST BEFORE Goose Shoals bridge (on County Road 8) and if we are not there yet, just pull the boats up well out of the water, put vests & paddles inside and wait for us. THERE ARE NO SIGNS TO TELL YOU WHERE TO TAKE OUT. Just know that the next bridge you come to after we put you in the water is where you must get out. DON'T GO PAST IT!
 16. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE UPPER AND LOWER RUNS? One difference is the water flow. The current is faster on the upper runs,.less paddling. The current is slower on the lower run, more paddling. Any trip you take is very beautiful and scenic, but the lower run offers bluff views. Also, about a mile into the 10-mile trip (Iron City to Goose Shoals) you are in Alabama. Those that have an Alabama fishing license might want to consider taking this trip if you don't have a Tennessee fishing license.  If you wish to fish in Tennessee, we sell Tennessee fishing licenses here!
 17. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN TO COME GET US IF WE TAKE THE LOWER RUN? If you take your cell phone with you on the trip, you can sometimes get a signal and call us when you get to the Goose Shoals Bridge and let us know you're back. Although a cell phone is a great thing to have for safety reasons, we will not ask that you take one along, as it could easily fall into the water and be destroyed. We do sell waterproof bags to protect your valuables and we will also keep them for you in the store if you like. If you do not carry a phone, we have to estimate a time to pick you up. The 10-mile lower run is approximately 5-6 hours long and we will estimate a pick-up time depending on the time we put you in the water. We will allow longer times if you are going to be out fishing all day. We may show up first or you may have to wait on us as the times are just estimates and we cannot know how long or short of time it will take you to reach the end. PLEASE be patient and understanding. We will try to get to the end to pick you up at the scheduled time, unless we are backed up on our end loading or unloading canoes.
 18. HOW DEEP IS THE WATER? Of course, the depth of the water varies almost daily due to the rain (or lack of it), but on average, most of the creek is anywhere from knee to ankle deep with a few spots that are over your head-great for swimming!
 19. HOW FAST DOES THE WATER FLOW? Shoal Creek is rated Class I, meaning it is fast moving water with small waves. Risk to swimmers is slight; self-rescue is easy. Again, all this varies depending on the rain we have received (or lack of it). We reserve the right to NOT rent canoes/kayaks if creek is flooded and we feel it is too dangerous.   
 20. CAN I RENT PADDLES OR LIFE VESTS? Yes. Paddles and life vests are included with your rental from us, however we will rent them to you if you have your own boat. Rental prices are $5 with $5 deposit for a life vest, $5 with $10 deposit for a canoe paddle and $5 with $35 deposit for a kayak paddle. We encourage you to bring your own, as we may not have enough to rent if we are busy. We do have paddles and life vests for sale inside our store.
 21. CAN I FISH AND WHAT TYPES OF FISH ARE IN SHOAL CREEK? Yes, fishing is allowed. You can catch small and large mouth bass, black perch, catfish (NO trout). We sell live bait such as night crawlers and we carry artificial bait and tackle as well. We also sell TN hunting and fishing licenses.
 22. CAN I BRING MY CHILDREN? Yes, of course. We DO NOT encourage you to bring children under 3 years of age. We have life vests to fit all sizes. BY STATE LAW, CHILDREN 12 AND UNDER MUST WEAR A LIFE VEST AT ALL TIMES.
 23. DO I HAVE TO WEAR A LIFE VEST? BY STATE LAW, CHILDREN 12 AND UNDER MUST WEAR A LIFE VEST AT ALL TIMES. For all others, life vests-if not worn-MUST be in the boat with each person at all times or you WILL be fined if caught by the game warden. We encourage EVERYONE to always wear their life vest, as canoeing is a dangerous activity.
 24. ARE LIFE VESTS & PADDLES INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE TRIPS? Yes, they're included & we have vests to fit all sizes.
 25. WHAT SHOULD WE BRING FOR OUR TRIP? Remember that you will be out in the sun for the duration of your trip and it is important to prepare. Here are some items that you should consider bringing: Water, sports drinks or at the least, soft drinks; food; suntan lotion or sunblock; waterproof camera; hat or visor and sunglasses. We have all these things for sale if you forget them. The transportation and consumption of alcohol during the canoe/kayak rental time frame is prohibited.
 27. CAN I BRING COOLERS? Absolutely. You can bring coolers of food and drinks for a picnic along the way. Some people even bring small grills to grill hot dogs and burgers! We have a cafe that offers a full breakfast every morning and lunch with a variety of hot & cold sandwiches, homemade chicken strips, burgers & barbecues that you can eat inside or take with you on your trip. We also sell pre-packaged chips, candy bars, cookies, and can & bottle drinks. We do not allow or sell alcoholic beverages. Canoeing is a dangerous activity and should be attempted only when sober.
 28. IS THERE ANYWHERE TO PULL OVER AND PICNIC? Yes, all along the way there are several sandbars that you can pull over onto and picnic or just hang out and rest until you're ready to float again. Just remember to pack up all your garbage in your canoe and dispose of it properly after your trip. 
 29. CAN I CAMP? Yes, we offer primitive camping on our property for $5 per person ages 13 & over. If you hook up to our electricity, the cost is $10 per person ages 13 & over. Ages 12 & under camp free. We do not charge for camping if you rent a canoe or kayak from us that day. If you camp along the creek, you do so at your own risk. There are no RV hookups here, but there are some in David Crockett Park in Lawrenceburg, TN about 30 minutes north. Their phone number is 931-762-9408.
 30. I HAVE A LARGE GROUP. DO I GET A DISCOUNT? Yes, we knock $5.00 off each canoe/kayak for a group of 10 or more canoes/kayaks.
 31. DO YOU ACCEPT CHECKS OR CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS? Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We accept checks by the owner of the checking account ONLY. NO TWO PARTY CHECKS! The check will be processed through our check scanner and the amount will be debited from your account and your check will be handed back to you. You will be required to sign & print your name and phone number on a receipt for us to keep. Please be patient with this process. This must be done for our protection to the high number of worthless checks we have received in the past. Thanks for your understanding.
 32. CAN I PREPAY FOR MY TRIP? YES! We encourage people, especially large groups to get with all the people going and collect their money before the day of the trip and either mail it to us or bring it in one lump sum to our business on the day of the trip. This encourages people not to back out at the last minute AND expedites the process when you come in to pay. If you choose to mail the money to us, you can send us the entire amount or half of it. The deposits you make are NON-REFUNDABLE and in the case of inclement weather, we will issue you a rain check. We encourage you to send a money order, but if you send personal checks, we will hold them until the day of the trip and the owner of the check must be present, as the check will be scanned for our protection. NO TWO PARTY CHECKS! Our mailing address is 470 Iron City Road, Iron City, TN  38463.
 33. DO YOU HAVE GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE? Yes. You can buy a gift certificate for any amount and they make great gifts!
 34. DO YOU HAVE A WEBSITE OR EMAIL ADDRESS? Our website is www.shoalcreekcanoerun.com and our email address is shoalcreekcanoerun@yahoo.com. You can also check us out on Facebook. We encourage you to call us at our business (931) 845-4991 or toll-free 1-888-CANOE-80 to make reservations or ask any questions, as we may not check our email everyday.
 35. WHAT IS YOUR MAILING ADDRESS? Our mailing address is 470 Iron City Road, Iron City, TN  38463.                                                                                            





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