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1. No alcoholic beverages, drugs or intoxicated canoeists are allowed. Canoeing can be a dangerous activity and Shoal Creek Canoe Run reserves the right to refuse service to anyone that poses a risk to themselves or others.

2. No crashing of canoes or kayaks into one another. Canoeists will be liable for loss of or damage to Shoal Creek Canoe Run property (e.g., canoes, kayaks, paddles, life vests).

3. No firearms or weapons of any kind.

4. No littering. Keep all litter in your canoe and properly dispose of it after your trip.

5. No glass containers.

6. While being transported to and from access points, you must remain seated in the vehicle at all times.

7. Life vests are required by law to be in your possession and should be worn at all times. Also, by law, life vests MUST be worn by children 12 years of age and younger.

8. Please be courteous to other boaters, anglers or swimmers.

9. Please respect private property. DONíT TRESPASS!

10. We would prefer no more than TWO adults per canoe to avoid excessive wear & tear. Kayaks are available for solo riders. A third person in canoe age 13 and older will pay $5 extra.  Ages 12 and under can ride free. Pets are allowed, also.

11. Leave your valuables & car keys in a safe place. They can be kept in the office until your trip is over.

12. Shoal Creek Canoe Run will not refund your money in case of inclement weather after you are on the water. Canoe at your own risk!

13. Canoeists need to back at the store before dark. There will be fees imposed to those who stay on the water past dark.


1. Campers, please dispose of all garbage in dumpster. Leave your campsite clean and litter-free!

2. Quiet time is 10:00 PM - 6 AM.

3. Pets are to be restrained at all times and owners must clean up after pets.

4. You are responsible for keeping your fire under control at all times. Please make sure fire is extinguished before leaving campsite.

5. Do not cut down, carve into or damage any live trees. Please leave the natural habitat the way you found it.

6. Please respect other campers' campsites and belongings. Do not trespass on other campsites.

7. No fighting or boisterous behavior. Keep noise to a minimum to respect other campers.

8. No firearms, fireworks or explosives of any kind are allowed on the premises.

9. Use cars, bikes, 4-wheelers or other such vehicles to enter or exit the campsite area only.

10. Illegal drugs are prohibited on campsite at all times. Shoal Creek Canoe Run owners and employees reserve the right to remove anyone from the premises that will not abide by the rules and regulations.

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